President: Taylor Shear

Before serving as President, Taylor served as the Director of Finance. Outside of Mulberry, Taylor leads a team of actuaries at State Farm on the Asset Liability Management team.

He has two children – Mark and Maeve – and a wife – Mary. Outside of work, Taylor enjoys hiking, lifting, and live music.

Vice President/ Director of Facilities: Kyle Myers

Kyle Myers is currently employed with the Illinois Hotel & Lodging Association. He has 15+ years of experience in multiple fields including but not limited to; business management & property/maintenance management. He also holds a strong background in construction, HVAC, electrical, lighting and sound and IT at a proficient level.

He is a person who strives to continue to learn new things, while fine tuning the skills and knowledge he already possesses. He believes with his current skills and knowledge, and his thirst to continue to grow as a professional makes him the perfect candidate for this position.

Director of Communications: Julie Navickas

Julie Navickas is the director of student success and recruitment in the School of Communication at Illinois State University. A three time Redbird, Navickas earned a bachelor’s degree in public relations, a master’s degree in organizational communication, and a master’s degree in English studies with an emphasis on book history. She is a published author of contemporary romance, is a continuing education instructor at Heartland Community College, and serves on the board for the Association for Women in Communications.

Director of Advancement: Bradley Stewart

I am currently the Sales Manager for BlackHawk Industrial for the Central Illinois Region. I work with many customers and vendors managing and building relationships. A part of my job duties is to also come up with ways to grow our business and find new opportunities.  

I feel that I could benefit Mulberry in this role by helping maintain and grow relationships as well as bringing in new donors and grant ideas. In addition to my work experience, I have served as a president of a networking association, elected board member of a union association and have many years of fundraising experience.  

I look forward to the opportunity to serve the School in this role and help continue to grow and advance the capabilities of Mulberry. 

Director of Finance: Gary Neumayer

Gary Neumayer currently has one grandson enrolled at Mulberry School. He is a retired CPA with over 35

years’ experience in corporate financial management. Gary has served on several youth athletic boards, typically in the Treasurer position.

Director of Technology: Stephen Moist

Stephen Moist is interested in continuing to serve on Mulberry School’s Board in the Technology role. I have worked in various IT support, administration, and engineering roles for the last 14 years, and am

currently working as a Manufacturing Software Engineer at Rivian Automotive. I graduated from the

College of Business at Illinois State in 2007 with a B.A. in Management and Quantitative Methods, with an Organizational Leadership focus, and worked for several years in a management consulting/professional training firm before getting into IT professionally. 

My wife Tonya and I’s youngest is in her second year at Mulberry in Ms. Zarina’s Multi-Age class in 2nd grade. Our oldest is also a former student of Ms. Zarina’s. 

In my time on the board, I have assisted with several IT-hardware related issues, installed a projector in the multi-age classroom, installed a projector screen, and worked to improve Wi-Fi coverage. This year, I would like to be available to install security cameras if the decision is made to go live with those, help to aid staff and other board members with projects, and anything else that comes up!

Cooperative Liaison: Stefanie Snow

Stefanie Snow is the mother of former student RaeLynn and current student Nolan in preschool. She is a Manager at State Farm responsible for large initiative reporting and served on the board for the State

Farm Employee Association for 3 years. She served as the Cooperative Liaison last year with a primary focus on ensuring decisions were in the best interest of the school, staff, parents, and students. She would like to broaden her focus this year on assisting with marketing opportunities and serving more as a consultant on important issues.

Director of Marketing: OPEN

Let us know if you’re interested in joining the Board of Directors and help with Marketing