As a parent cooperative, Mulberry School allows us the unique opportunity to be involved in our children’s educations. We must always remember, however, that unlike public schools, we do not receive funding from the government. Tuition dollars pay for our teachers’ salaries and the majority of our other operating expenses; however, we rely on money earned through fundraising to supplement our tuition income and enrich our school. The Mulberry School truly is special, and it is our goal through fundraising to keep the spirit of our school flourishing so we can touch the lives of many more families.

Below are some other easy ways for families to help raise extra funds for Mulberry School.

Support Mulberry When You Shop!

Mention Mulberry when making a purchase at Office Depot. They will donate 5% of the purchase back to our school, in the form of school supplies.

Corporate-Sponsored Programs

Please inquire if your place of employment offers a grant program for employees who donate their time to a nonprofit organization. Because of employee volunteerism, Mulberry has received grants from the following companies:

  • State Farm® Good Neighbor GrantTM Program