At our not-for-profit, co-op private school, we offer a high-quality education that is designed to provide a personalized learning experience for each student. We are governed by a board of directors made up of parents, community members, and educators who are connected to Mulberry through a currently enrolled student. This ensures that our board members have a strong investment in our school community and are committed to supporting our mission and values. The member directors are elected by a quorum of the parents.

As a co-op, we believe in the importance of community involvement and active participation from families. We encourage parents to provide feedback on our performance, suggest improvements, and volunteer their time and resources to support our programs and initiatives.

Because we are not-for-profit, any surplus revenue generated by tuition or other sources is reinvested back into the school to improve our facilities, programs, or services. This allows us to prioritize the needs of our students and faculty over the interests of shareholders or investors.

Overall, Mulberry School operates with a strong sense of community involvement and a commitment to serving the educational needs of our students in a sustainable and socially responsible manner.

Below is a list of the elected board members for the 2023-2024 school year.

Not For Profit Director:  Shawna Stanley
Academic Coordinator: Colette Steckel

President: Taylor Shear
Vice President/ Director of Facilities: Kyle Myers
Director of Communications: Julie Navickas
Director of Advancement: Bradley Stewart
Director of Marketing: OPEN
Cooperative Liaison: Stefanie Snow
Director of Technology: Stephen Moist
Director of Finance: Gary Neumayer

Each Parent Meeting is led by the President, and each of the Board Members reports on activity in their own area.