Mulberry School provides a continuous learning model. Our preschool classes implement a developmentally-tailored curriculum addressing social, emotional, and pre-academic growth. Beginning in Kindergarten and continuing through our first/second & third grade classrooms, children work as members of whole group and small group cooperative learning partnerships. Our students learn through multi-disciplinary project-based experiences combined with dedicated time for specific academic skill building. Through dramatic play, movement and Readers Theater, the students experience Drama in their classrooms.  Mulberry teachers construct their curriculum using the Illinois Core Standards as a guideline from which they can expand outward. Throughout the school, children are encouraged to make choices that can lead to independence, self-confidence, a sense of responsibility and respect for those around them. From this environment, students emerge as strong, compassionate individuals.

Curious about what Mulberry students do during the day?
Visit our listing of daily classroom schedules!


The children enjoy weekly art classes. Students are exposed to various media through studio experiences, introductions to artists, and a diverse range of art. Students have opportunities to respond to these experiences through art making, conversation, movement, play, and storytelling. The art curriculum encourages curiosity, exploration, spontaneity, and excitement that brings out the innate curiosity in each child.


Exposure to Spanish starts in our preschool classes. The classes have weekly sessions where a game or activity includes Spanish vocabulary and frequently a cultural connection to Latin or Spanish customs. During these sessions students practice both conversational Spanish and written Spanish skills.


The children have music classes weekly. The classes are exposed to different styles of music, rhythm, instruments, and much more in a fun and interactive setting. At Mulberry, we feel that music should be fun and engaging while children learn through singing, movement activities, and exposure to new instruments and sounds.

Field Trips

Mulberry stresses the importance of connecting students with experiences beyond the walls of our school building. Some recent field experiences include:

  • Gymnastic’s Etc.
  • The Art Station
  • Rader’s Pumpkin Farm
  • Fire Station
  • Miller Park Zoo
  • Community Businesses
  • Parks and Outdoor Hiking Areas

Parents are always welcome to accompany us on our field trips!