Time & Talent Opportunities 

The following list gives parents ideas about how their 35 time and talent hours can be fulfilled at Mulberry School. This is not an exhaustive list and we welcome ideas and input about additional ways parents can contribute. Each 1 hour of time and talent counts as 1 hour towards requirement. If you need clarification about what each entails, please contact the Director, Administrative Assistant or classroom teachers. 

Attending parent & board meetings, Open House, orientation – 1 hour per family 

Board of Directors 

Committee work 


Supervising or driving on a field trip 

Supervising lunch duty 

Supervising playground 

Weekly laundry (dish towels, rags) 

Weekly Shopper – Purchasing supplies needed on a weekly basis. 1 hour of shopping plus you can purchase the items and get 1 additional hour for every $40 spent, with copies of receipts. 

Laminating – Taking items needed to be laminated on a weekly basis and cutting them out. 

Library Maintenance – Labeling new books, cataloging, re-shelving. (Sign Up Monthly) 

Classroom Coordinator – Coordinating classroom events and teacher’s needs for the events. 

Classroom Helper – Volunteer in any of the classrooms. 

Teacher Projects – Work with teacher in getting class project materials together. 

Helping with school parties/celebrations – Halloween (October), Field Day (May), Cultural Diversity (December) – working with other parents coordinating & setting up the event, organizing, and/or overseeing event on party day. 

Office Work – Attending front desk, typing, answering phones, developing forms, newsletter. 

Maintenance – Lawn mowing & trimming; weeding; shoveling snow on sidewalks; trimming bushes and trees; repairing playground equipment or classroom equipment; building repairs; painting and staining; general cleaning in the building; clean up days in summer, fall and spring. 

Teach – music, PE, dance, yoga on a regular basis. 

Please attend the Back To School Night (Parent Orientation) to sign up for many of the above opportunities. 

 *If you are a State Farm employee, you are eligible to participate in the good Neighbor Program, the State Farm Companies Foundation which awards $500 grants when you volunteer a minimum of 40 hours per calendar year. Please see the Non-Profit Director for more information.