As a parent-cooperative, Mulberry parents have the opportunity to participate in all aspects of the school’s operation. Parents can get involved through a variety of ways by volunteering their time, talents, and ideas and by being a part of fundraising events. Parents also make up the Board of Directors, which manages the affairs of the school along with the Academic Director. Each family is asked to contribute 35 hours of service per family during the school year.

There is a monthly parent meeting where families can get updates from the staff and Board of Directors. Time spent at parent meetings counts towards a family’s service hours total. (Childcare is available during parent meetings for a nominal fee.)

Some of the other ways parents can participate include:

  • Volunteering during the lunch hour
  • Chaperoning class field trips
  • Getting involved in fundraising events (Gala, Fall and Spring Runs, Book Fair)
  • Helping coordinate the annual Halloween celebration, Friendship Feast, Cultural Diversity celebration, and Field Day
  • Purchasing kitchen supplies
  • Providing childcare during Parent Meetings
  • Participating in school cleaning days
  • Assisting in the classrooms
  • Organizing the school library books
  • Sign-up sheets for volunteering opportunities are generally posted on the bulletin board just inside the front door, and are circulated at the monthly parent meetings.

Current Parent Volunteer Opportunities

Note that each hour of parent service is considered equivalent to $40.00. Families have the option of purchasing supplies for the school as needed, and can count each $40.00 spent as one hour of service. Alternatively, any unfulfilled hours can be paid for at this rate when the school year ends.