Thank you all!

Mulberry parent Karen Swineford

We have loved having our daughter attend Mulberry school this year. She has flourished socially and academically. It’s been amazing to watch her grow in self-confidence while learning how to navigate friendships and have a great experience in preschool. We love Ms. Sharon too! She is a fantastic, empathetic, and connected teacher and we’re so happy we’ve had her. Mulberry does a great job of promoting a holistic and safe environment for our daughter which we really appreciate. The amount of time she gets for free play and outdoor play is so great for her development.

We could not be happier!

Julie & Tommy Navickas

We joined the Mulberry family in August 2021. Our daughter Lily (age 5) and son Colton (age 4) both participated in the pre-k program – and we couldn’t have been happier with our experience! Not only were the teachers phenomenal, supportive, and encouraging, but the support staff made the experience smooth and easy to navigate. The curriculum Mulberry follows allows our children to grow intellectually, but also practice social and emotional skill sets as well. And the environment offers a true holistic learning experience with well-equipped classrooms and outdoor exploration. We could not be happier with our experience at Mulberry School and look forward to many more years as Meerkats!

What a good school!

From current parent at Mulberry: Jake Fulk

We are extremely happy with our choice to enroll our child at Mulberry School. Our child comes home full of diverse stories about her friends, her “job,” experiments, creations, and life lessons, and with a sense of belonging to a positive school community that we hope she will carry forward into her future schooling.  It is amazing how much they pack into the children’s daily experience, and it is never much time that goes by between instances of we parents remarking to each other: “What a good school!”