Individualized Attention & Small Class Sizes

From a current parent who has had 2 children in preschool at Mulberry: Mary Moran

I’m delighted that we chose to send our kids to Mulberry. Our daughter enjoyed two years of individualized attention and a play-based learning style that keeps kids active mentally and physically, lets school be a place of joy, and produces impressive results that are tied to the standards set out by the state. Now our son has followed his sister to Mulberry, and he literally jumps for joy every day when he gets to go to school. 🙂 Mulberry has wonderful field trip opportunities, even for the smallest kids. Music, art, and Spanish are taught by people who have expertise in the fields, and it’s amazing how much they impart to their young learners. I’ve also appreciated the community (for both parents and kids) created by the small class sizes. Finally, the co-op structure means that I can have a significant voice in the way that the school is run.