Great Academic Success

From a parent whose daughter attended Mulberry School:

“Audrey had the great pleasure of being a student at Mulberry School for first and second grade. It was the perfect school for her for numerous reasons.

She was previously homeschooled. The small class size at Mulberry with its warm, individual attention, was a great transition into a school environment. It provided her teachers with the opportunity to work with her individually, addressing the areas of learning where she was struggling without her feeling shame around her weaknesses.  

But being a student at Mulberry School provided more than just an academically enriching environment. It also helped Audrey to learn how to approach teachers with the confidence that she would be heard, and helped. She is no longer intimidated to reach out to her teachers when she has questions or needs extra help with something.

The small class size (one year when she was the only girl) provided unique social opportunities and dynamics. The friends that she made at Mulberry School continue to be friends many years later. In fact, she has at least one life long friend that she made at Mulberry School. There’s just no doubt, that the families that choose Mulberry School are outstanding people with shared values around kindness, authenticity, and nurturing our children in all ways.

Her transition then from Mulberry School, to Bent Elementary, was relatively smooth. She has been able to continue her academic success by building on the foundation of what she learned at Mulberry.

She went into public school with a great deal more social and personal confidence, thanks to Mulberry. This allowed her to step into roles of leadership (student council, peer mediator) in her new school with ease. She is a naturally shy person. This confidence was nurtured in her at Mulberry School, and if she would have gone straight into public school, I don’t think she would have flourished in the same way.

I think the hardest transition for Audrey from Mulberry School, to public school, was the realization that the approach to education, and the individuals she had met while at there, ¬†were exceptional, and not the norm. But, because it is an exceptional place, she will always carry with her the early lessons of a love of learning, an appreciation of the importance of mutual respect, and being true to oneself.”

With lifelong gratitude
Tonya Keach Moist