Transitioning Student

From a parent of a 2nd-grade student who transitioned into 3rd grade and one who transitioned from Kindergarten to 1st grade: Dianna Doblosky

“The transition to Unit 5 went better than expected. I was really nervous about it. They go to a school of 600 kids. Xander (3rd grade) adjusted easily. He didn’t even want me to walk him in the school on the first day. Miles was younger (1st grade) and would get lost trying to find his classroom so the teacher paired a buddy with Miles until he knew where to go.

Academically, they were both right where they needed to be. It was an adjustment getting up earlier because school starts an hour earlier than Mulberry. Also, we have more homework so we’ve developed a nice routine with that.

I often think did I make the right decision in having them attend Mulberry before Grove. I did. I wouldn’t change my decision to send them to Mulberry first.”